Positivity recipe for 2019! 🍭 🍀 🌞 🍬

Let’s cook our moments wisely in the 2019 pot! 😉 💚 🔝 🎉

I look at the⭐ stars, the stars⭐ look at me, we all look at each other 💖 in this universe!

What an inspiring personification of the stellar 🌟🌟🌟world and its “individuals”!!!
A similar notion came upon my mind a long time ago about the 🌛moon. ..
One is certain, however: from now on I will look at the stars with a new perspective! 😉!!!

Incan ~ Prophecy

…..When you looked at the stars all those nights lonely or contemplative  captivated, admiring them and loving them wishing you could be among them did you come to realize they were doing the same?….

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One significant tip to make a wish come true… 😉

A dear friend of mine was questioning me the other day how I manage to actualize deep desires of mine most of the times while she can’t.

She utterly wants to go on a trip at Easter, but this doesn’t seem to have a chance to happen. On the other hand, I, out of the blue, am leaving on a trip. “How, just tell me how, you make it happen…” 😣

“But, dear, you are always stressed when you have a desire. It’s like you force it and push it to make it happen. This is not the way in universe. There is fluidity, everything flows freely and easily. Continue reading