Let’s all be unfuckwithable, then!☺


Hurray!!!! 😊  😊 😊

This is what we need to be, if not constantly, at least during the most consecutive moments of our time: unfuckwithable!!!


Wonderful (awarded in Siena international contest) photos!👏

   I would like to travel you today via the photography means of transport.

 Danny Yen Sin Wong (Malaysia). Making fishing nets, Vietnam. Winner Open Color Category.

Danny Yen Sin Wong (Malaysia). Making fishing nets, Vietnam. Winner Open Color Category.

   On October 29th,  the second International Photo Awards took place in beautiful Siena, North Italy. I’ve bumped into the following article with the contest highlights and, instantly, I thought of setting out on this trip with you!😍

   Adjust your seatbelts then , open the link below and enjoy these magical shoots! 🚀


Happy ☺️to be back!

I’ve been away for quite a long time… seems like a couple of days to me though… he he…😃

It’s been for good…changes

  Lots of change in both external and internal level… So that I dare urge you:

  Go for change, dears…

   Even chase it!

   Don’t be afraid of it!

  It’s evolution, it’s LIFE itself. It may seem hard inthe beginning but it’s always exciting in the end. Take the bright side of it, if it is too hard for you, until you  assimilate it!

   When we are open to change, we go with the flow, we become more positive and positive mindset brings about positive facts/events… 😉out of the sudden mostly…

…Like this, f.e….fb_img_1476059204771

   All this time, moreover, I have more and more aknowledged and  💖 💖the mere truth about myself that…


fb_img_1475679023264I’m so so so so glad 😍 indeed and merry to be here again !!!!