Thank YOU!!! 💝💝💝

I so much THANK YOU, my wonderful people!

Thank you for your support, although I’ve not been  not so consistent towards you lately😳…

Thank you for being here, providing me the reason to go on and keep my enthusiasm! 😍

(I have to honestly confess that  I’ve had the tendency to excitedly  start up with sth but end it up soon after… It’s the first endeavor of mine that has lasted so long and it’s because of you 🙏 and I feel really proud of it!!! 🎉)



Let’s cook homemade 🍝 tagliatelle!

Since we can’t travel to Italy yet to taste authentic 🍝, I have found the perfect recipe by  amazing 100 year-old (!!!)  Letizia to make them at home!

Yes, this inspiring lady is the one who’s demonstrating the recipe in the video! 👏 Bravo to her!

She has impressed me by her vitality and energy! She’s the live paradigm to me that motion and motivation are life’s elixirs! 😉


🙏 😍 🙆

Amidst the negative situation  Mother Gaia and its people are, I choose to keep in mind some positive outcomes only … 😉

I choose to fill my 💚 with  immense gratitude that:

🔼 I’m still alive in a cosy 🏠,

🔼 I have food,  water and

🔼 I have / 💻 to get in touch with my precious friends and family members…

This is my way to stay calm, thus strong

This is my way to uplift my own consciousness

This is my way to send uplifting vibes to the collective unconscious….

(Thanks, also,  UPLIFT CONNECT  page in FB for this awesome video! 😍 )