“Quantum Jumping”: the new visualisation way from Burt Goldman 🌟🌟🌟

I’ve been mentioning daydreaming quite a lot lately * and here comes Mr Burt Goldman with  his Quantum Jumping !


   This guy takes daydreaming even further with his method, stating that we become unable to expand our potential  because of family and social barriers. As childs we easily fall into daydreaming, but as we get older, we are constrained to set it aside and have our feet tramped on the ground. Thus he shows us the way to reconnect with  and “tap into your natural source of wisdom and creativity so that you can master any skill and achieve any of your dreams regardless of your age”. 😉

   Everything he states has first been applied to himself  of course… Continue reading

Create the sunshine … in and out! 🌞🌞🌞

    Yes, there are those days in our lives when we just have to get ourselves moved to create an-other present. Totally conscious, not in terms of daydreaming, although we use the daydreaming “techniques”…

(besides, I have said that “Daydreaming is creation” haha, see https://merryfairy.wordpress.com/2015/03/17/daydreams/).

   Today it’s one more gloomy ☁🌂 day here in my hometown in Greece. The spring still refuses to come, giving us  only some rare (so but soooo rare – believe me!) glimpses from time to time.

   We, Greeks, aren’t used at all  to such wetness, gloominess, cloudiness and cold at this season of the year. We have become languid, stuck in the mud of want-nothing-to-do-and-nowhere-to-go.


 Having caught myself in the same trap of dullness,  it’s been a few days since I decided to make my own revolt against the weather government…😋 hehe … Continue reading

Daydreams… ☺

FB_IMG_1425923511169How profoundly wise a quote!   Cause, when we are loyal to our daydreams, they come true sooner or later, whatever way.

At least, this is what has been happening to me, especially the last years.

“Oh, what a fool you are!” “Goodness mine, that’s impossible!” “How could you ever believe such a thing happening” and so on. I’ve listened to all the above -and heaps more- times and times in my life. But I’ve been a non-regretful dreamer (thanks God I have 😃 …haha). Continue reading