Thank you! ❤ 💋


Lots  of thanks 💚💛 💜  to all of you,  my beloved followers, for reaching and surpassing the point of 200 people!


My first blog award!!! 🙆

   I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart johncoyote for nominating me 😍 for my first award, “The Encouraging Thunder”.

   I used to see these on others bloggers sites, but I didn’t quite knew about it. My time has come🙆 , thanks to johncoyote, the person who has definitely contributed to my becoming known in the blogworld  by reblogging some of my posts and giving always positive feedback to me.

   I believe most of you are his followers already and I urge you to keep on reading him, or, if you  haven’t heard of him 😲 yet, get to know him via Continue reading