A “stroke of luck”??? …😝This???… Oh, YES!!! 😀



Adaptation, my dears…!


Mind flexibility…!

Let’s go with the flow!

(I’ve been telling you, have you listened to me, eh…?)

Let’s not make our lives harder than they are!

Let’s stop our egotistical, stubborn inner kids from stumping their  feet on the ground. Something went out of our prerequisite route? Ooops! … See what the new route is leading 😵 instead of cursing and driven crazy😠…

 Stay calm and search out the new options… who knows? They may be better…😉

(If you think they aren’t, well then… take the challenge… come on! YOU are the one to make them what YOU want them to be!😉 )


D(ivine) A(nd) P(erfect) O(rder)! 🌞 DAPO…

I woke up this morning having a without-a-serious-reason restlessness😳 …. the human mind, I know….! This little scoundrel that wants us to always have sth to worry (the most), to think (the least) about.

   I immediately launched the following thought to my mind: “Everything is in perfect and divine order“.Dapo_BusinessCard_REV

                            (Logo by http://www.susanday.me)

  So, I eased myself remembering all the moments in my life when there were real  tough situations and I had the courage to go through them. Continue reading

“Dance with life” or, else, “Go with the flow”… 🔆

Look what I’ve just bumped into in the net! (Timing, my dears, timing!😉) I was telling you yesterday about the fluidity in universe and how we ought to stay calm to make our wishes come true.images (1)

Well, look at sth totally relevant below… It is about how we can accept totally in serenity, love and bless everything that comes our way each day.

(This is what also works in universe, if we keep calm so as  to be able to keep an eye on that…! 🌸🌻🌼) Continue reading