Let’s test ourselves on 🌏 flags!

Time  to acquire extra knowledge during lockdown😉, my dears, thanks to my favourite https://www.lonelyplanet.com/

How much do you know concerning flags of the 🌏 countries? Me, not much 😳, I admit….

Follow the link and find out for yourselves!!!!



Quiz: Find your soul city !!! 🙌


So has the https://www.afar.com/ quiz detected to be the city of my soul! 👏

To be honest, I doubted at first but, as I’m recalling the feeling I had when I visited it … yes, I remember mostly enjoying  the sensation of having  space enough on both physical (wide roads, parks…) and spiritual (mind tranquility…) level…

Hmm…I assume I have to re-include it in my travelling bucket list! 😀

I also have to admit I was  😲 by the accuracy of the statements about my personality that came along with  the outcome city of the test… so, I suggest you should  give it a try, as well, at: