Meditation means… ??? 🌈

FB_IMG_1422973069727 Each moment of our lives we can witness our actions, thoughts and feelings ! We can witness our reactions, words and emotions, as well!

This is the first step to come closer to ourselves! 🔅🌟🔅

This is the first step for the caterpillar to become a butterfly! 🔅🌟🔅

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Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude!

I have always been grateful in my life.😍 It has been a trait of mine even  at those years when I had not found out the spirituality of my human nature. Instinctively I was grateful for just sitting on the edge of a cliff feeling the sea under me, for instance. I was grateful even when disappointing situations came over me, although I used to feel sorrow for a very long time afterwards.

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Ups ⬆and downs ⬇…

imagesThere are some days in our lives everything seems bright and beautiful. We feel like we have the widest wings  to everything and everywhere. In fact we don’t even think of having them; we just fly!

From the very moment we open our eyes, we feel just right.

We recall the past night dream and automatically our lips take the shape of a smile. We walk to the bathroom and our limbs feel like dancing. Continue reading