Choose the road you love 💚!

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Choose the road you love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Life is simple. Find something you enjoy. Then do it.


                  Nirvana-The supreme happiness that according
to Buddhism comes when all passion, hatred and
delusion die out and the soul is released from the
necessity of further purification.)
A prayer for Nature

Thank you lord of life and death.

Thank you for the fresh water to drink.

Thank your for the clean air to breath.

Thank you for the green Earth that supplies shelter and food.

Allow me to protect and give respect to Nature.

Give me wisdom and common sense to do what is right.


  Choose the road you love.

I sit at the crossroad of a life.
I looked back and thank the Lord of life and death
for my life.

I tell the young people around me.

“The Nirvana of a blessed man is to loved a…

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Friends 🌞 are my diamonds💎


   Oh, me neither, dears!

  I’m fed up with people who think they are friends to me, when at a certain time and because of their own reasons (psychological traumas, attitude, character traits and so on… I have no intention of psychoanalytic talking right now… enough! haha…😌) they show up like… wow!!!! who is that? A friend of mine???

  For me to be concidered a friend by someone is an honour and a blessing. Continue reading