Ban ⛔ plastic straws … sign the petition

Now let’s all sign a petition to ask McDonalds to stop using plastic straws and, thus, polluting Mother Earth’s feelings (oceans ➡ water ➡ emotion/feelings)

(You have to sign out and write your own name, etc..☺)

Let’s all refuse plastic straws at once! 😀



Since we’re all Mother Earth’s children, let’s take as much care of her as each of us can!

I would never thought of the use of straws so much a threat to the environment, though 😲 … but, considering the above facts,  I feel 😳 ashamed and immediately start banning them from my life!

The story of three plastic bottles… (=recycling♻, dears, recycling!)

Just some minutes ago, while surfing 🏄 through my selected net pages, I found sth that made me leave my surf aside at once….

  It was a video posted on a friend’s site (… and… voila!☺ timing once once again, my dears!

  It was a video about the story of three plastic bottles. My last post was about our beloved Mother,  Pachamama, sooo … hehehe…the specific video is just the butter on my hot, just-come-out-of-the-oven, bread!!!

tumblr_inline_nn6herozX81sndsvm_500[1] Besides, I was the one to  refer recycling♻ among the ways in which we can all distridute to Mother Earth’s protection! Continue reading