Who are the “animals” and who are the “humans”? 😔

I have wondered the above several times due to several relevant situations my  👀 and  👂👂have come upon..  😞

The following video (click on the title at the bottom of this post pls) accompanied with a touching and urging-to-act article, depicts exactly what we (humans😝) have been doing to the creatures existing along with us on mother Earth 🌏….


Powerful Animation Of Endangered Animals Reveals How Humans Treat Them (Video)


The story of three plastic bottles… (=recycling♻, dears, recycling!)

Just some minutes ago, while surfing 🏄 through my selected net pages, I found sth that made me leave my surf aside at once….

  It was a video posted on a friend’s site (… and… voila!☺ timing once once again, my dears!

  It was a video about the story of three plastic bottles. My last post was about our beloved Mother,  Pachamama, sooo … hehehe…the specific video is just the butter on my hot, just-come-out-of-the-oven, bread!!!

tumblr_inline_nn6herozX81sndsvm_500[1] Besides, I was the one to  refer recycling♻ among the ways in which we can all distridute to Mother Earth’s protection! Continue reading