Quiz: Find your soul city !!! 🙌


So has the https://www.afar.com/ quiz detected to be the city of my soul! 👏

To be honest, I doubted at first but, as I’m recalling the feeling I had when I visited it … yes, I remember mostly enjoying  the sensation of having  space enough on both physical (wide roads, parks…) and spiritual (mind tranquility…) level…

Hmm…I assume I have to re-include it in my travelling bucket list! 😀

I also have to admit I was  😲 by the accuracy of the statements about my personality that came along with  the outcome city of the test… so, I suggest you should  give it a try, as well, at:




Fairy 🎉 castle 🏰 hotel!!!

Bravo 👏 to this Romanian couple! They successfully  contribute to nature, to the magic of the fairytales,  to fantasy, to tourism!

Bravo👏 to http://www.culturetrip.com as well, for it acquaints us with such amazing places!!! 👍 😄

Casa Batllo ✨✨✨ (a magical video)

   What a to-the-point presentation video of this house in Barcelona! If Gaudi had been  alive, I’m sure he’d have endorsed it!

   This man was an architect of fairytales to me… The sense you get as soon as you get into this renovated-by-Gaudi-in-1904 building is that of entering into Wonderland!

  Enjoy an exquisite tour into Casa Batllo, then!!!


   For more info about that “individualized and distinctive style” architect, as well as for Casa Batllo:


https://www.casabatllo.es/en/ (the above video was found here…)