The story of three plastic bottles… (=recycling♻, dears, recycling!)

Just some minutes ago, while surfing 🏄 through my selected net pages, I found sth that made me leave my surf aside at once….

  It was a video posted on a friend’s site (… and… voila!☺ timing once once again, my dears!

  It was a video about the story of three plastic bottles. My last post was about our beloved Mother,  Pachamama, sooo … hehehe…the specific video is just the butter on my hot, just-come-out-of-the-oven, bread!!!

tumblr_inline_nn6herozX81sndsvm_500[1] Besides, I was the one to  refer recycling♻ among the ways in which we can all distridute to Mother Earth’s protection! Continue reading

Earth Day 🌳🌼🌴🌸🌵🌻 every day!!!

   The 22 of April  has been nominated as Earth Day. To me, however,  each and every day should be Earth Day, so I’m celebrating it continually!  That’s why I’m posting this  now, although the 22nd has gone away… (oh, yes! I haven’t been totally lost in time yet!  😁)

   It is very easy for us humans to “pay our compliments” to Pachamama* continually:


 🔅 use eco-friendly power solutions

 🔅clean with eco-friendly detergents

🔅use non-toxic-to-the-environment chemicals

 🔅avoid spraying our food (fruit and vegetables) Continue reading

Mind full 😤 or mindful 😊? Our choice! 😉

Oh, how profound a picture!!!

There are so many levels on it, so many points to perceive…

The mind of a dog that pictures and gets filled only by what it sees😄 VS the mind of the human that overflows with non-sense 😦…

The battle of the human to set apart myriads of thoughts and press the “pause” button as soon as he/she realizes the fuss in the mind… and so so on….

So helpful a blog it is!
Thank you, medita8💗!

Mind Chirp

You can choose! You can choose!

Sometimes peace and relaxation is right in front of you!!!

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