🙏 😍 🙆

Amidst the negative situation  Mother Gaia and its people are, I choose to keep in mind some positive outcomes only … 😉

I choose to fill my 💚 with  immense gratitude that:

🔼 I’m still alive in a cosy 🏠,

🔼 I have food,  water and

🔼 I have / 💻 to get in touch with my precious friends and family members…

This is my way to stay calm, thus strong

This is my way to uplift my own consciousness

This is my way to send uplifting vibes to the collective unconscious….

(Thanks, also,  UPLIFT CONNECT  page in FB for this awesome video! 😍 )


Idle before 10am??? 😖 Well, yeeees! 🙌

I’m purposedly posting sth irrelevant (well, not so much, as I’m reconsidering it* 😏…he-he) to the famous -unfortunately-  COVID-19 …

I’ve come across this video and I feel myself  totally  justified for not wanting to leave my bed before 10 am!!!  😉

So, let’s consider the lockdown (at least those of us that have to stay indoors) as an excellent opportunity to practise late sleeping in the morning!!!

🌻 💗 🌻  💗

* Biological torture = Stress = Weaker immune system