Spectacular 😰 pools 🏊 around the 🌍!

… Since it’s really freezing 😨 cold here, I thought I could find some warmth 🌞 just by “swimming”  in some wonderful pools ….chiva-som-conde-nast-traveller-6may14-pr

Come on, dears…. let’s have some hot relaxing fun!


Wanna see the “craziest” among them? Well, let’s have a look (I desiiiiiiire to be there NOW!!!) :gfibomud WOW!!!!!



Let’s travel 🚢🚂✈, dears!

   I would like us to travel ✈ worldwide today! It doesn’t matter at all if it’s virtual….. Besides, the best travels begin in our minds until they come true…😉

rlWgMKEuMTS0LFV6rlWmnKcyVwc7VaqcMUEbVwb1ZQNfVzuynJqbqPV6Zwx2sK0fVaOuqTtvBvWcoJSaMKZipUWiMUIwqP90pzS2MJkTMJS0qKWypl9zMJS0qKWyYGZ3ZF1moTyxMF03BGx5AP0kAQD0ZQH3AmL4YzcjMlVfVaMypaAco24vBvVvYPWxMKMcL2IDnKuyoSWuqTyiVwbkYwI9 Fasten your seat belts,  then and  follow the link:


(I’m sure you don’t mind that I’ve picked the photo of my beloved 💟country from the link….)

Casa Batllo ✨✨✨ (a magical video)

   What a to-the-point presentation video of this house in Barcelona! If Gaudi had been  alive, I’m sure he’d have endorsed it!

   This man was an architect of fairytales to me… The sense you get as soon as you get into this renovated-by-Gaudi-in-1904 building is that of entering into Wonderland!

  Enjoy an exquisite tour into Casa Batllo, then!!!


   For more info about that “individualized and distinctive style” architect, as well as for Casa Batllo:


https://www.casabatllo.es/en/ (the above video was found here…)