New Moon! 🌛



I have just seen this post on the JUST CHANNELING FB timeline and cannot resist sharing it with you!

   New moon is said to be connected and be the rightly perfect time for new beginnings… Thus, taking into account what I read about this new moon specific energies, just flew me to the moon!!! 😄 Continue reading


Solar eclipse, moon perigee, new moon plus equinox! … phew!

This is an exquisite day with a solar eclipse in Pisces, moon perigee, a new moon and equinox almost at the same time!

The solar eclipse happens when the moon intervenes between the Sun and the Earth. The Sun is about 400 times larger than the moon, but, because the Sun is  coincidentially  the same times farther away, we are lucky enough to enjoy solar eclipses.


The moon perigee means that the moon is as near as it can be to the Earth and the new moon is the beginning of the moon phases to full  moon.

Moreover, equinox indicates the official beginning of spring Continue reading