Quit being the beggars of other people’s feelings …! 😲😎

I spent quite long periods in my life begging for another person’s love. Of course you don’t expect me dressed in rugs, back bending downwards and palm open, mumbling “love, love, give me love, please, gentle sir, dear madam”… But,  from a psychological point of view, it was the same , not to say even worse.

You see, in a situation like that, we act subconsciously, so we tend to be blind 😎, not being able to see what we are really doing : begging!

Whereas (believe me and say it loud to yourselves and let me repeat it once again to myself 😉), there is no need for no human creature to become a sentiments beggar. Continue reading


The golden wisdom of the years 😉

FB_IMG_1426456013317 (As the years go by, you will learn what is worth your time and your energy. You will learn to discern what and how much you give of yourself.  You will learn which things do not deserve your attention

and how

life has a magic way to lead you where you have to go. )