Meditation means… ??? 🌈

FB_IMG_1422973069727 Each moment of our lives we can witness our actions, thoughts and feelings ! We can witness our reactions, words and emotions, as well!

This is the first step to come closer to ourselves! 🔅🌟🔅

This is the first step for the caterpillar to become a butterfly! 🔅🌟🔅

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The secret of meditating successfully! ☺


Lots of us believe that meditation needs lots of effort on our parts. We keep on struggling to cease our ceaseless mind so that, in the end, we lose the very essense of meditation itself : stillness and serenity.

It’s known to everybody that our only rival when meditating is the mind. Neither the uncomfortable sofa, neither the street noise, nor whatever outside ourselves. Even if we haven’t been aware of this mere fact though…wake up! hello!!! Yeap, it is the mind!

Hello!!! Yeap, we can’t just press the brake and stop its long vehicle. Scratch…scratch..😕What can we do, then??? Continue reading