OSHO: “Love ❤ is a Door…”

Love Is a Door
“If there is passion in love, then love will become hell. If there is attachment in love, then love will be a prison. If love is passionless it will become heaven. If love is without attachment then love itself is the divine.

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New Moon In Leo!🌒 Unleashing The Voice of Freedom…


Taken from the Just Channeling page on Facebook:




New Moon In Leo – Unleashing The Voice of Freedom

   In Oneness — the one light that is ALL — there is no darkness, no duality, separation or pain. There is only unity and light. Through our human experience, these feelings are what we call love; unconditional love. That is where we are from, and where we will return, guided only by our inner voice of freedom and truth. Continue reading

Love 💗 = A State of Being, Basically! (by Osho)

“Love Basically Is a State of Being”,  Osho
love=a state of being (pininterest)   “The real thing is not a relationship but a state; one is not in love but one is love. Whenever I talk about love remember this: I am talking about the state of love.
   Yes, relationship is perfectly good, but the relationship is going to be false if you have not attained to the state of love. Then the relationship is not only a pretension, it is a dangerous pretension, because it can go on befooling you; it can go on giving you the sense that you know what love is, and you don’t know. Love basically is a state of being; one is not in love, one is love.

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“Quantum Jumping”: the new visualisation way from Burt Goldman 🌟🌟🌟

I’ve been mentioning daydreaming quite a lot lately * and here comes Mr Burt Goldman with  his Quantum Jumping !


   This guy takes daydreaming even further with his method, stating that we become unable to expand our potential  because of family and social barriers. As childs we easily fall into daydreaming, but as we get older, we are constrained to set it aside and have our feet tramped on the ground. Thus he shows us the way to reconnect with  and “tap into your natural source of wisdom and creativity so that you can master any skill and achieve any of your dreams regardless of your age”. 😉

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Solar eclipse, moon perigee, new moon plus equinox! … phew!

This is an exquisite day with a solar eclipse in Pisces, moon perigee, a new moon and equinox almost at the same time!

The solar eclipse happens when the moon intervenes between the Sun and the Earth. The Sun is about 400 times larger than the moon, but, because the Sun is  coincidentially  the same times farther away, we are lucky enough to enjoy solar eclipses.


The moon perigee means that the moon is as near as it can be to the Earth and the new moon is the beginning of the moon phases to full  moon.

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