Ego-centric???😰 Yes, why not!!!😇


2 thoughts on “Ego-centric???😰 Yes, why not!!!😇

  1. Wise advice. There was a time years ago when I would avoid social settings out of worry – fear actually – that others would judge me on my appearance, my manners, my speech, my intelligence. It’s amazing how hard we can be on ourselves and how much we can crave others’ good opinion of our personality. Giving up the need for other people’s validation worked wonders on my self-esteem. Great post, dear Merry!


  2. So it is, dear Will! It’s only ourself that knows better about ourself. Trying to prove our worth to others, or even convince them about anything, is just a waste of time… Let’s focus on convincing ourselves about our value and esteem!!!😍

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