Able to be alone? ↔ Able to 💓 !!!


4 thoughts on “Able to be alone? ↔ Able to 💓 !!!

  1. I love being alone. Only child, which means I’m used to being alone but still, while I agree with this statement, no one really knows what makes people what they are, or how they feel. No one. People just make assumptions as to how we work, or why we are the way we are. All guess work and it doesn’t actually mean anything. I can like this because I like being alone, but other people feel the same thing and they love being in crowds with others, so this statement is just Osho’s opinion based on his own world view and prejudices. None of it’s real, it’s just the way the way HE sees things, from his own perspective and experience, which is colored by the things he believes. Everything is like that. Please feel free to erase this if you don’t want it in your comment section. 🙂 I’m okay with that. Have a lovely day.


  2. Oh, no, I won’t erase it! Just as Osho, and everybody else, is free to express his/her point of view, so is you!!! Besides, I think the message of the text is not to exclude our mode to be with other people, but to underline the fact that aloness (being alone because you choose to seclude yourself from the crowds) can enhannce the way we relate to other people when we do.
    I;m an only child, too, and I felt lonely (not alone) lots of times in my life before I’ve come to the point to be alone and to enjoy it!


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