Let’s all refuse plastic straws at once! 😀



Since we’re all Mother Earth’s children, let’s take as much care of her as each of us can!

I would never thought of the use of straws so much a threat to the environment, though 😲 … but, considering the above facts,  I feel 😳 ashamed and immediately start banning them from my life!


7 thoughts on “Let’s all refuse plastic straws at once! 😀

  1. I agree, and straws are really just an unnecessary thing for humans, but when they make their way into aquatic systems, they are detrimental. Can I add something to your list? You know those plastic things that hold six pops or six cans or beer together, they are so dangerous to bird and aquatic life. Let’s do better! And people like you can lead the way. You are my new super-hero. xo Harlon

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  2. Thank you for your words super fan of mine!!!
    Yes, you’re right, I had never thought of those plastic things, Harlon .. Meanwhile I have found interesting info and tips videos which I’m gonna share here 😉

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