Merry 💖 New 🎆 Year with the most handsomely inclusive wishes ever !



   My wishes for the new year  -and for every year of our lives-  are embedded in this profoundly conscious and confessional video… messages for 💗, for living to the limits, for parently support, for joy, for personal expansion/evolution, for gratefulness

   Our society is urgently in need of conscious parents who choose to live their dreams true and  strive for them, who breathe gratefully in every moment, who respect themselves, mother earth and each living being, who dare bravery in all aspects of life…

   We need parents to stand by their children supportively, raising their ( the kids’) self respect and  confidence, teaching them all the above values ( and many more) via their (the parents’) mindset and way of living.

   [It’s not irrelevant, meanwhile, the way “their” is confusingly intermingled, showing the strong interconnection between parents and children…]

   Cause children are our creative contribution to the present – the more inner work we do towards self consciousness, the more “proper” parents we become.

   Children are also our creative contribution to the future – obviously!

   I wish you the best, then, in the most handsome 😉 way!!!


You make me a merrier🌞 merryfairy, when I hear from you...

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