Baba Vanga’s predictions. 😞😨😏 …

ob_d34463_baba-vanga I admit I  had never heard of this charismatic late lady before. Born in Bulgaria,  she got gradually blind early in her life (at the age of 12) due to a “tornado”. In a few years she began expressing her predicting gift and, after she turned thirty, she had completely cultivated her forseeing powers. (

   Lots of people are said to have visited her. Even Brezhnev …

   Lots of world incidents have been predicted by her… the Twin Towers attack, the 2004 tsunami, even the nowadays refugees flee to Europe. …

   For more -outstanding 😮😮😮 indeed! –  predictions by Baba Vanga,  click on the following :

Woman Who Predicted The Fall Of The Twin Towers Has Bad News For 2016!


2 thoughts on “Baba Vanga’s predictions. 😞😨😏 …

  1. Well, that’s certainly NOT good news. At least she has a date when it will all be over. She’s certainly right about the president, so far. I’m glad I’m on the far side of life…I just hope I’m not stupid enough to come back here again. Fingers crossed. Interesting post, that’s for sure.

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    • You’re right about the president… I remain optimistic, though, trying not to be overwhelmed by prophesies conveying pessimistic messages… Besides, whatever is to be done, will be done! Until then, just enjoy! 😍


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