Self-esteem, dears, urgently! 😀

self esteem

   I was wondering how easily we tend to lower our self-esteem 😪due to old traumas or our pesonality types according to George Paschalidis (

    Especially when sentimental issues are on the scene.

   The law of attraction applies totally to  this situation.

   If we don’t value ourselves, here comes the one who doesn’t value us either. We put ourseves on sales and here comes the “right” person to become our mirror; to reflect our notion of ourselves. Here comes the one to offer us only a percentage of what we deserve.

   And then we wonder: where is the one I desire? 😩 Why do I always run into persons who make me feel unsatisfied?

   Well, it’s more than obvious:

  Let’s upload our self-esteem and be satisfied with ourselves first and, then (like a miracle…🎇 wow!!!!) here comes the one who appreciate and satisfy us ultimately!



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