“LOVE” 💖 by Alexander Milov

11352000_1657001241184466_786257230_n  “My concept is Love”, Alexander Milov says. “Figures of woman and man seat with their backs to each other, symbolising human insults and relations, but at the same time they support each other with their backs. These are the cages, which we drive ourselves into as we become older. The woman is in fetal position, meaning that all her worries are in her soul and heart. The man rests his head on his hands, showing that his worries are determined by his thoughts” (at Burning Man* at Black Rock City).

   This is what the creator of this masterpiece of inspiration explained about it.

   The first thing springing into my mind, though,  was that -often  violated or/and negected-  inner child we all have hidden in us…

   If we just let our inner children play as when we were kids, then everything in our relationships would be easier. Have a look at interkid conflicts and quarrels:  they dare to express themselves, even harshly at one moment, they forget everything and press restart the other…

   So, let our inner children get out of their body-soul cages and play!

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   Here are some more thoughts on “Love” in the following link:


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Burning Man is an annual art event that takes place over eight days in the USA, in the Black Rock desert (Nevada), and since 1986 it has gathered tens of thousands of artists and fans of contemporary art from all over the world. In 2014, almost 67,000 people took part in the festival.

   The festival starts on the last Monday of August, at one minute past midnight. The last day of the festival is on Labor Day, which is celebrated in the USA on the first Monday in September. The culmination takes place on Saturday after sunset, when an enormous wooden statue of a man is set on fire.

15 thoughts on ““LOVE” 💖 by Alexander Milov

  1. I’m sorry I can’t help anyone with that quest… 😯 I confess, though, I like your idea of having this as a print, so, if you find it, give me a word, too, pleaaaase!😊


  2. Danny Herbert says:

    Hi everyone, if you’re looking for a Burning man Print check out my instagram noblankspaces I have a Love Print that I have released in aid of Earthquake relief efforts in Nepal. 100 percent of the money goes to the Acts of Kindness Collective (registered charity) contact me on noblankspaces@hotmail.com to order framing is available at a special price also. Peace Danny

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