New Moon In Leo!🌒 Unleashing The Voice of Freedom…


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New Moon In Leo – Unleashing The Voice of Freedom

   In Oneness — the one light that is ALL — there is no darkness, no duality, separation or pain. There is only unity and light. Through our human experience, these feelings are what we call love; unconditional love. That is where we are from, and where we will return, guided only by our inner voice of freedom and truth.

   In the pursuit to truly know and experience that love, there was a separation — the separation between our perception and what we are perceiving — and duality was born. In that separation, that distance between the ego and the all, we experience the polarity of love, the darkness, the loneliness and emptiness. This is the only way for us to know its opposite; the love, the light and the oneness.

   As we have ventured into the polarity of love in a quest to understand it, we experience the pain of the lack of love. We search for it in everything, only to keep finding that it was not it. It is not to be found in the things we believed would fill the void, since they are not it. Every step away from love and into the polarity, every experience of disillusionment and separation leaves a scar. We see this wounding as trapped light. In a desperate attempt to relieve the pain, we turn away from the pain and run from the darkness of separation in a search for light and love. We learn to protect ourselves from the pain, we put armor around our hearts, trapping our true light and closing it off from it — and unknowing, we turn away from the very thing we are searching for.

   You see… The love we seek is just beyond the pain… Beyond the darkness and separation… it is right there. We will never reach it by looking towards the “light”, nor by running from the pain or protecting ourselves.

   We are now at a point in our collective evolution where we understand how separation and duality has caused our suffering and pain. Those who are awake to it can clearly see it all around us, in everything we have touched. We see it in the way we have structured our society, in the things we have collectively valued in our lives, and in the way we interact with all things living. It is very painful to see the darkness, for it is the polarity of love and unity.

   But, as with all polarities, they are a perfect part of a whole. In this Matrix of duality, we need one to understand the other, and vice versa. We can only know the light by knowing the darkness, and we can only see the darkness if we know love. But if we instead try to shield ourselves from the darkness, we will spend our whole lives fighting this unwinnable battle. The only way to reach the love we are seeking is by facing its polarityby removing our armor and feeling the pain that separation has created, and letting go of the false substitutes that until now have replaced true heart-centered connection in our lives. By going into the darkness and healing the wounds, we release the trapped light within us. By knowing why the pain exists and following our inner voice – our voice of freedom – we can then see the polarities all around us, highlighting and interacting with each other. We no longer observe only one or the other, we can see both — the ALL. And through this process, we transcended the duality and connected to unity consciousness. We find our way home.

   We have always known this place deep within us. Despite the distortions we have experienced, we never truly forgot the truth of our being. That is why duality has hurt us so much. But the heart cannot be completely closed off, even if we have put many walls around it. We always knew our inner voice of freedom was there, and now, we are learning to hear it! It is the voice that tells us to seek love even though we know we can be hurt; to express joy in moments of happiness and pain in moments of sadness; to dream BIG and not worry about the details. That voice doesn’t care about the insecurities of the mind; it doesn’t care about the how’s and when’s. This is the time for us to change our perception from limited-ness to infinite-ness.

   When we hear that voice of freedom challenging your perspective, make way for it! Unleash it! That voice is guiding you home. Free your voice, shine your light and empower your vision. It is time to live our dreams and to be free.

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Simon & Jennifer


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