D(ivine) A(nd) P(erfect) O(rder)! 🌞 DAPO…

I woke up this morning having a without-a-serious-reason restlessness😳 …. the human mind, I know….! This little scoundrel that wants us to always have sth to worry (the most), to think (the least) about.

   I immediately launched the following thought to my mind: “Everything is in perfect and divine order“.Dapo_BusinessCard_REV

                            (Logo by http://www.susanday.me)

  So, I eased myself remembering all the moments in my life when there were real  tough situations and I had the courage to go through them. The outcome was always proving to be  better than I could have imagined!FB_IMG_1436527242536

Thus, I have learned…

✅ to trust…FB_IMG_1436882167449

 ✅to let myself go with the life flow… meaning that…bamboo bending

 ✅to avoid  analysing the whats and hows because…FB_IMG_1435321509903

important note: going with the flow doesn’t mean abandoning dreams, wishes and desires… it means accepting, whatever comes our way, in mere gratitude.. that is …


   After all and in a nutshell, I’m optimistic, remembering a wise friend’s words …



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