The “allergic to ‘e'” challenge 😏


Dear Blair Gaulton* has nominated me for this challenging… challenge… So I’m writing my own paragraph without a single “e” in it :

Thank you 💚 folks of this blogworld for all your continuous support for months now that I am a part of it! At last I own a way to look into  my mind and – most of all 😉-  my soul and, thus,  display it, hoping to assist anybody who would fancy a bit of aid in any way…🌞

The Rules:

1) Write a paragraph without any words containing the letter “e”

2) Challenge at least five bloggers to do this (I exclude the 24 hours deadline, since I myself have overruled it…😳)

 My Nominees:

A Curious Mind (

Quirky (

Buhita blanca (

Noor (

Itsmine (


Those of you who have been nominated by sb else for that, please excuse me… Of course you cannot take part in it, if you like…😊



11 thoughts on “The “allergic to ‘e'” challenge 😏

You make me a merrier🌞 merryfairy, when I hear from you...

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