New Moon! 🌛



I have just seen this post on the JUST CHANNELING FB timeline and cannot resist sharing it with you!

   New moon is said to be connected and be the rightly perfect time for new beginnings… Thus, taking into account what I read about this new moon specific energies, just flew me to the moon!!! 😄

   You can easily deduce my belief in magic in everyday “miracles”  (see pic on the left side of my blog, relevant  Fairy Thoughts post, etc…)…. “Miracles” are a piece of a cake for me to happen… Don’t be dazzled😲 by my statement! Just desire sth deep in your heart, set it free and it will come back to you at proper time! (

   So,  hurry up! ☀Add the following data to the above and make the most of these days’ energies!!! ✨


Do You Believe in Magic? Gemini New Moon
New Moon in Gemini, June 16, 2015 at 7:05 am PDT

   Magic is alive and all around us in the New Moon at 25 degrees of Gemini. Pay attention to the present moment for that is where magic resides. We live in a world where limitless possibilities exist, when we realize that we can understand what magic really is. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, is also in this sign.

   In the tarot, Mercury is often the symbol of the Magician card. The Magician is the conduit through which Divine essence is brought into the physical world. The Magician is the shaman who understands patterns behind forms, can see a world of possibilities and knows how to create in accordance with one’s will. The word magician comes from the prehistoric Eurasian word magh which means, “to be able, to have power.”

   Gemini is the sign of communication, related to thoughts and words. Thoughts are magical because they create. Thoughts create feelings that lead to actions. Everyone, whether consciously or unconsciously, is constructing their reality on some level by their thoughts aligned with their will and intentions. Where we focus our thoughts is what we create. A good example is this quote, “Whoever believes in the good in people, draws forth the good in people.” Jean Paul. When our minds are full of fear and doubt, we create that in our lives. Our thoughts and words are powerful so the challenge is to use them consciously.

   Mars, the archetype of the Warrior, is conjunct this New Moon, reminding us that words can be used as weapons. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is in a square to this New Moon. Squares bring obstacles and challenges. Chiron in Pisces challenges us to speak from the heart and with compassion, remembering that words can really wound. I try to be aware of the acronym THINK before speaking. Is it True, Helpful, Important, Necessary and Kind to say? If it doesn’t meet this criteria maybe it doesn’t need to be said. Sometimes difficult things need to be said but they can still be said with compassion. Compassion is the highest form of love.

   Mars has been traveling close to the Sun all month. Mars brings in the component of courage and self-empowerment. Setting good boundaries, knowing when to say no is important. To be self-empowered we need to believe in ourselves and have a good sense of self-respect and self-worth. If we do not believe in ourselves we may try to change or compromise ourselves to please others. One way to know the truth of who we are and to believe in ourselves is to listen to our heart. Our heart wisdom will never steer us wrong. A self-empowered person listens to that small voice inside, even if it is not what we want to hear. It takes courage to be true to ourselves. Self-empowerment is self-love.

   Mars in Gemini asks us to walk our talk and live in our own integrity. Do our words actually line up with our actions? Can we be trusted to do what we say we will? “Integrity is characterized by a willingness to speak your truth, to address your shadow issues honestly, and to complete unresolved issues with yourself and others.” Arielle Spilsbury. When we live in integrity, magic happens.

   A Grand Trine at 19 degrees of the fire signs with Uranus, Jupiter and the asteroid, Athena is present at the New Moon. It brings with it very magical synchronicities that align us with our own Divine Blueprint. Synchronicities are seemingly random but related events that are messages or signs through which the Universe and our Higher Selves speak to us, like when we see the same numbers over and over. This Grand Trine opens portals into the Greater Reality and the “crystal grid network” that links everything in the larger pattern. The doorway of all possibilities and the magic of the Universe is opening wide.

   The possibilities are limitless when we can see behind the patterns of form. As Starhawk says in The Spiral Dance, “Magic is the art of sensing subtle, unseen forces that flow through the world, awakening levels of consciousness beyond the rational.” The subtle unseen forces is really the love that surrounds us and is in us. The guidance we seek is always there to help us remember that we are beings of love. When we live in love for ourselves and others is when we become the truly powerful beings that we are. Love is the strongest magic in the world as it heals all wounds and lies behind all patterns of form.

“It important to remember that we all have magic inside us.” JK Rowling.

~ Sibyl Star

4 thoughts on “New Moon! 🌛

  1. Oh wow I love this so much! I am constantly photographing the moon literally and also learning new things about new moons and new beginnings! I’m so excited about it and I don’t even know why! 💫🌕🌔I also love a beautiful crescent moon!!

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  2. The moon has a distinct power of its own… the feminine power in the universe, you know…😉 Means you get excited with your own feminine side😉 I suppose. … Good for you, Michelle Marie!


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