Happy 🌞 June! Happy 🌞 summer!


Our warmest “Hello” to June, as it brings the special merry summer to us!

say hi to summer

Summer is all the things in the following cute pic, and much more, that have an effect on  feelings and emotions:

summer*energy and good  mood because of the plenty sunshine and its useful effects to human body and mind

*more chances for grounding, as we can walk barefoot; more chances, thus,  for  getting  in touch with Pachamama and balancing our energy

*clearance of our bodies in all levels (physical, aura, aetheric, etc) via swimming in the sea, plus fitness, of course

*spending hours with friends in warm/hot summer nights, therefore free “psychotherapy”

*abundancy in fresh fruit and vegetables, that is to say health

*more hours of sleep during holidays, so rest and relaxing are  certain

   For all the above and whatever else escapes my mind…

love summer


6 thoughts on “Happy 🌞 June! Happy 🌞 summer!

  1. Thank you, John! I haven’t quite understood yet what it is about; do I take it a soon as I do the posting and whatever I ‘m told? I’ll see to it some time during the day, when I have some more free time and perhaps I’ll need your advice. Undoubtedly, it’s very flattering to me and an honour. … it’s my first nomination, you see!
    Thanks, again!

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  2. Just a award to show you post worthwhile words and thoughts. I’m not a fan of awards. Stop by my site and copy information if you want. You don’t
    have to. I do awards when I believe people give them to me with hope I will post. I believe best honor for a writer. Is to be read.

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