Friends 🌞 are my diamonds💎


   Oh, me neither, dears!

  I’m fed up with people who think they are friends to me, when at a certain time and because of their own reasons (psychological traumas, attitude, character traits and so on… I have no intention of psychoanalytic talking right now… enough! haha…😌) they show up like… wow!!!! who is that? A friend of mine???

  For me to be concidered a friend by someone is an honour and a blessing. We choose our friends, so, if I’m a chosen, I AM QUEEN 1a queen with the honour crown on !!!

   We are humans, we are   -by nature- sociable, thus to be surrounded by  friends is a blessing!

   This applies ten times more to me, as I consider my friends  my second family, apart from my parental family… images

   Here I am the only child and the single divorsed woman!!!  (To confess you a little secret of mine, I believe this “second” family is further better than the ones I had with my men… shhh… 😜)

   Friends have been valuable to me… I know I’m a friend addicted and…guess what?!!!! 🎉 I love it!

   I have merrily wonderful times with my friends🎇

   I have deep inside conversations with them😔

   I have the silliest ever chattings with them 😝

   I share the crasiest moments with them 😆

   I dare be MYSELF to them 😃

   I feel free when we are together 🙆


   In a nutshell,

   I know for sure I can do without a boyfriend in my life… 😥

   I am absolutely certain I can’t live without my friends…😲 😓😢

   As Carrie Bradshaw put it very eloquently in “Sex and the City”: images (1)

23 thoughts on “Friends 🌞 are my diamonds💎

  1. We are on the same topic these days, johncoyote! I like your post, too. How much I enjoy such encounters as the one you had, and I feel so full! Among all the others that you write, I especially agree with :”A wise man can find good in the darkest of days.”
    Thanks once again soooo much for the reblogging! I feel so good that there is at least one person -who is writing talented!- that likes my writing!

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  2. As soon as I’ve read the title, I loved this post already and as I kept reading I loved it more and more.
    I absolutely agree with you, it is a wonderful thing to have a true friend. Friendship is one of my favorite things in life and I cherish each and everyone like there is no tomorrow.
    Indeed, friends are like diamonds. What a brautiful line.. it may even spark my imagination for a poetic piece. LOVED it!!!! 🙂

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  3. This is what our friends are for us🌞, prospermind! You make me more than happy and give me one more reason to exist in this blogworld, when you say my line may spark your imagination !!!💟🌼 As soon as I can I will peer into your site to see …
    Thank you for your words !

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  4. I’m glad I could assist and make you happy. I really mean it. I’m glad you exist in this crazy bloggersphere, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to read this GREAT post on friendship. Wonderful! 🙂
    Yes, I’ve noticed you stopping by and looking around a bit the other day. Put a smile on my face, I’m glad you liked what you’ve seen.
    Looking forward to stay in touch and read more of you! Keep up the amazing work! 🙂

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  5. Ah! The carrie bradshaw quotes! Can she ever be wrong at something?
    This is so true. No one likes the fair weather friends. They are like a weed in a very green, serene world of friendship.
    Thank you very much for the follow. I appreciate your support very much. 🙂

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