Travel or, even, move somewhere around the 🌏…

   Let’s travel today, dears… ✈⛵🚄    (To reveal myself, I’m a “traveller” all the time…haha but anyway…)19856167-Travel-Love-shape-of-heart-with-many-isolated-vector-icons--Stock-Vector

   I’m fond of travelling. I’ve been to lots of places up to now and I’m ready for travelling even at this very moment we’re talking.

lifeistrip_cvr_front  I believe travelling has to do with a certain mindset, not necessarily with leaving your place.


There is internal travelling (this one trying to get to the core of our psyche… you know 😉) and external travelling (that one getting to other  spots around the 🌎 planet…)

To tell you the truth, I ‘m not sure which one 21014553-Embarrassed-emoticon-Stock-Vector-smiley-emoticon-faceis my favourite…

I’m only sure I can’t  quit none of them…😊


Thailand love concept design

Thailand love concept design

 I saw the following article today which gave me a buzz… it  aroused an old thought of mine to live somewhere in Far East Asia, preferably Thailand…  where I’ve been 3 times and I so much desire to go again… I have Northern Thailand in mind (unknown to me yet) combined with a “walk” to Laos.. I’m just waiting for the right prerequisites  to arise 😉( i.e. low fare)

   The article talks about moving to some cheap countries and… guess what…? 😁 Thailand is included! ( my dear universe, are you telling me sth???). Some useful information about living there is also included so as to make up our minds…

   Anyway, let’s have a look around, Thailand, Guatemala, Malaysia, Panama, Vietnam, Nicaragua and India and… who knows where tomorrow leads us…😉

15 thoughts on “Travel or, even, move somewhere around the 🌏…

  1. Great post! We’re the same person, merryfairy 🙂 I also love travel and Thailand is one of my favourite places. When you do explore Northern Thailand, I recommend a place called Pai. It’s a best kept secret! It’s a really relaxed, artistic village in the quiet mountains. Everyone is super friendly and open, musicians play around campfires, and there’s an amazing night market!!! There is something magical about Pai!

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    • Oh, yes, I suppose we are, because I have agreed with every post of yours since I “met” you!!
      And, aaah, you make me wanna go there right now!!! I so much want to visit Thailand again (it’ll be the 4th time…) this year…
      Thanks for the information, medita8!
      💓 and 🌟

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  2. Life is indeed a trip (love that picture). Reminds me of a quote I read once and never forgot, it is so true. “Some people see more in a walk around the block than others see in a trip around the world.” ~ anonymous

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  3. I agree. I did my traveling when I was young. I followed my own advice. Travel, test life and have fun before you must work for 50 years. We need new places and adventures.


  4. You have an amazing greek blog, even though I didn’t understand much I loved the pics 🙂

    I love travelling too, and all these external travels do push you closer to your self 🙂 I would recommend you add Bali, Indonesia to your list too, you will love it 🙂


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