Dedicated 💗 to my own mum primarily…

Elfish Mother by Agnieszka Szuba   Thank you, mummy, for keeping me protected in your belly for nine consequent months 💗

   Thank you, mummy, for keeping yourself awake to feed and nurture me as a baby 💗dearest by Chidi (African)

   Thank you mummy, for doing your best to  alleviate my pains and dis-eases 💗

  Eternal Bond by Fred Mathews Thank you, mummy, for holding my hand through my very first paces into life 💗

   Thank you, mummy, for your yummy… yummy … tasty food you ‘ve been providing me with, even  up to these days 💗Mermaid mother and child by Shijun Munns

   Thank you, mummy, for your care and concern, even though -and mostly- when I, myself, had no idea💗     mother and child by Gustav Klimt

   Thank you, mummy, for each one and all you have done for me 💗

Thank you, mummy, for each one and all that you haven’t done for me, cause you didn’t know 💗Mother and Child by Hilary Dune

Thank you, mummy, for EXISTING in my life 💗Mother-Daughter-Magic by Juli Cady Ryan

   Mummy, I LOVE YOU 💗

I promise there won’t be  a single day now on that I won’t CELEBRATE YOU!  💗


(The mother-inspired art are:

downwards, on the left:

* Elfish Mother, by Agnieszka Szuba

* Eternal Bond, by Fred Mathews

* Mother and Child by Gustav Klimt

* Mother-Daughter-Magic, by Juli C. Ryan

downwards, on the right:

* Dearest, by Chidi

* Mermaid mother and Child, by  Shijun  Munns

* Mother and Child, by Hilary Dune )





18 thoughts on “Dedicated 💗 to my own mum primarily…

  1. I love this ! Your words are perfect (I have a Mummy too and I am a Mumma) the art is wonderful ❤ So glad John shared it 🙂


  2. Thank you Karin! ☺I have a mummy, too, I’m not a mumma by choice, but the least I can do is to RESPECT every MUMMA around – my friends, my pupils’ moms, even my late dog’s mum! 😉 You can read more on this mum-hero issue in my Greek blog (I assume Google translator will work…haha)
    💖 and 🔆

    Liked by 1 person

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