Sufi whirling …🆙

   I was saying yesterday that I will reblog some wonderful pieces of art. The truth is I have decided to reblog not only these, but some wonderful, inspiring, informative, spiritual posts as well, from sites I myself have been really enjoying reading.🌞
Today I have the “Walking in the Mountains” blog to introduce you. I selected a post about the Sufi whirling experience, because it reminded me of both the magic and admiration 😵 I experienced as a spectator some years ago in Instabul. I would like to have jhanajian’s luck ☺ to be one of the whirling people, though!

Thank you, jhanajian, for reminding me! ❤Thank you for the ecstatic photo, too!

Walking In The Mountains

resort whirling

I was introduced to Sufi whirling several years ago when I visited the Osho International Meditation Resort in Pune, India.  It’s an experience I will never forget.  I’m not a “regular” type person as far as routine goes.  But I fell so utterly in love with Sufi whirling that I became a “regular”  for the three months I was there.  Every day, when that ecstatic music begin to drift through the resort, I dropped whatever I was doing, and hurried to Buddha Hall (pictured below) for the sufi whirling.

I was reluctant at first.  That marble floor looked very hard, and I knew I would get dizzy and fall.  But the music was so captivating, so beckoning, my resistance soon wore down, and my love affair with Sufi whirling began.   

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