The story of three plastic bottles… (=recycling♻, dears, recycling!)

Just some minutes ago, while surfing 🏄 through my selected net pages, I found sth that made me leave my surf aside at once….

  It was a video posted on a friend’s site (… and… voila!☺ timing once once again, my dears!

  It was a video about the story of three plastic bottles. My last post was about our beloved Mother,  Pachamama, sooo … hehehe…the specific video is just the butter on my hot, just-come-out-of-the-oven, bread!!!

tumblr_inline_nn6herozX81sndsvm_500[1] Besides, I was the one to  refer recycling♻ among the ways in which we can all distridute to Mother Earth’s protection!

       Well, via the story of these three plastic bottles, we laconically learn  their life story – where they come from and what happens after their disposal. What is  their impact to the environment…after their burying in a should-be “grave” (=recycling bin… hehe.. super! 😃) and in a whatsoever one (=a non-recycling bin or anywhere in the urban/natural environment… snif-snif… destructive!😢)oa1kyof0hit03bhkdso7

  Three bottles… three stories… three (we say so… because were they only three, we could be a bit happy…😜) impacts!

Therefore :

Watch it for yourselves! 🌞

Show it to your parents! To your children!🌞

Share it with everybody you know!🌞

Post it on your blogs or other sites!🌞

Spread the valuable info!🌞

Pachamama and I  thank you all!!!!!💖💖💖

4 thoughts on “The story of three plastic bottles… (=recycling♻, dears, recycling!)

  1. An interesting video, merryfairy. I was reading a few days ago in the Smithsonian Magazine that 8.8 million tons – yes, 8.8 million TONS – are dumped into our oceans every year. China contributes the most. The U.S. ranks 20th. The magazine article reaffirms what you video says: that the plastic swirls in giant gyres on the surface of the ocean. It eventually degrades into smaller particles, and is eaten by sea creatures or sinks. Researchers have found three miles below the surface as many as 185 tiny plastic pieces per square foot in some remote ocean areas. We are truly turning our beautiful earth into a garbage dump.

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  2. Wow! What a huge number (in a proportion) of plastic pieces in the ocean! I don’t even want to think of it! I get so much sad…
    Anyway… Let’s hope that people’s attitude will change, and -above all- people get educated and informed. That’s why China is such a litter producer- people are not aware even of the basics. And I’m talking about attitude, because in our “civilized” countries, folks may litter and say “come on, it’s just a small packet… am I the one who will litter the whole world?”
    I HOPE FOR THE BEST, though!!!
    Have a happy month, jhana jian!


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