“Quantum Jumping”: the new visualisation way from Burt Goldman 🌟🌟🌟

I’ve been mentioning daydreaming quite a lot lately * and here comes Mr Burt Goldman with  his Quantum Jumping !


   This guy takes daydreaming even further with his method, stating that we become unable to expand our potential  because of family and social barriers. As childs we easily fall into daydreaming, but as we get older, we are constrained to set it aside and have our feet tramped on the ground. Thus he shows us the way to reconnect with  and “tap into your natural source of wisdom and creativity so that you can master any skill and achieve any of your dreams regardless of your age”. 😉

   Everything he states has first been applied to himself  of course…

   The Mr Burt “guy” is  not a guy at all. He is a man of 87😮 (yes… yes…87!!!! ) years old and he started expanding his own potential at the age of 80!!! 😮 It was then that he started taking photos in a uniquely inspired way of his, as well as painting pictures, exhibitioning them in galleries!!! He also began writing books which have become popular, with his most selling one being  one he wrote along with the Silva method founder, Jose Silva!

   The net site Mindvalley Academy offers us FREE 🆓 Masterclass where Goldman teaches us his exceptional technique.

   For more details plus free sigh-up, click here  http://mindvalleyacademy.com/featured/what-is-quantum-jumping

PS :

Silva Method : an ‘exercise for your mind. It literally conditions your mind and thoughts to work for you instead of against you.” Using an “active form of meditation in the alpha brainwave state, enables you to tap more of your brain’s potential, to spark tangible, profound, and lasting change.”

Read more about it in :



*https://merryfairy.wordpress.com/2015/03/17/daydreams/ and


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