Quit being the beggars of other people’s feelings …! 😲😎

I spent quite long periods in my life begging for another person’s love. Of course you don’t expect me dressed in rugs, back bending downwards and palm open, mumbling “love, love, give me love, please, gentle sir, dear madam”… But,  from a psychological point of view, it was the same , not to say even worse.

You see, in a situation like that, we act subconsciously, so we tend to be blind 😎, not being able to see what we are really doing : begging!

Whereas (believe me and say it loud to yourselves and let me repeat it once again to myself 😉), there is no need for no human creature to become a sentiments beggar. In this blessed universe of ours there is abundance of humans, therefore abundance of feelings and emotions. If somebody, for any reasons of his/her own (it is not of our business!) does not offer us love, affection, attention or whatever of this kind, we ought to open our eyes widely to realize it and leave him/her on his/her way while we follow ours.

For, even if we finally get sth, it will be by force …or  it will be some crumbs out of the sentiments loaf we would initially have craved… 😯

Is it worth getting, at last, you think???


Let me make it a bit clear to you…

We meet sb and we have a flirtatious conversation. We exchange phone numbers but no sign in the next days. Moreover, when we take the initiative to call because “he/she may have lost my number” 😜, we either get no answer or we talk to a you-can’t-call-me-enthousiastic person. And, instead of acquiring our bold and high self, we are trying to keep the call going  and even “give me a call to have a drink’!!!

Jesus and all the saints, save us!!!!😲

Just leave him/her alone, end the chat as soon as you can in a discreet way like “I just called to hear from you and, since you are ok, have a nice day, bye”. And don’t you ever think of contacting any more!!!

Follow your own way to find other people who will bother themselves to find you at any cost. Cause, when sb wants to find sb else, he /she will sure do in the end. 😉 So…. No more excuses for the beggar attitude, dears!!!

The same applies to situations when we already have a relationship and we feel sth goes wrong… sth is not as it used to be. Either take it for granted and give no damn, or step away at any cost in both states (yes, I know, there is a “cost” and 😳 ouch! … it hurts a lot!).

Refuse to be beggars to implore these wonderful, should-be-spontaneous emotions…!

Turn down your tendency to be miners  extorting  the golden feelings of the other’s heart mine…!

Just be yourselves! Love yourselves! Appreciate yourselves! Respect you! ☺☺☺

We are the  precious, unique humans we are, having by nature  the need to be attented, loved and affectioned by others.


Let’s offer ourselves these emotions in the first place and these will come to us by others for certain, as a consequence. 😉😉😉


6 thoughts on “Quit being the beggars of other people’s feelings …! 😲😎

    • I’m so happy you enjoyed my post! Indeed, we are not aware of what we are doing. I had that in mind when writing, but I didn’t explicitly mentioned it. So , after your notice, I added the word into the post!

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  1. Haha, it’s easier if you are not the beggar-if this is what you mean and I don’t misunderstand!
    From the moment we understand he/she is a beggar,we have already done a great step, cause we clearly understand what’s going on. From that point on, I think our behaviour depends on the kind of relation we have with the person, our own true feelings and needs towards him/her at the specific time and so on.


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