Create the sunshine … in and out! 🌞🌞🌞

    Yes, there are those days in our lives when we just have to get ourselves moved to create an-other present. Totally conscious, not in terms of daydreaming, although we use the daydreaming “techniques”…

(besides, I have said that “Daydreaming is creation” haha, see

   Today it’s one more gloomy ☁🌂 day here in my hometown in Greece. The spring still refuses to come, giving us  only some rare (so but soooo rare – believe me!) glimpses from time to time.

   We, Greeks, aren’t used at all  to such wetness, gloominess, cloudiness and cold at this season of the year. We have become languid, stuck in the mud of want-nothing-to-do-and-nowhere-to-go.


 Having caught myself in the same trap of dullness,  it’s been a few days since I decided to make my own revolt against the weather government…😋 hehe …Revolt_6231

   Is it cold outside and (feeling always cold by nature, I’m a summer-hot child) I’m not in a mood to go out?  (= weather goverment)

   I repeat to myself  it’s warm and nice outside, get dressed in warm clothes and go out to meet my friends! (= my own revolt !!! 😉)

   Is it overcast outside and inside my house seems like it’s night, so let’s go to bed and get a nap instead of being active in whatever way? (= weather goverment)

   I turn on the lights, light up candles around and shed the sunlight in! Thus, I instantly get the energy I need to be vibrant!   (= my own revolt !!!😉)

   I always turn the conditions around in order to turn my moods around in an absolutely aware manner!


Because, yes, somedays….

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