“No arms, no legs, no worries” : THE lifetime lesson! 💖

   I watched this video on my friend’s FB timeline a while ago and I couldn’t resist not sharing it with you…

  cover1 I have nothing to comment, I get totally speechless as  the video itself says everything! It  is one of the best  get-out-of-your-misery-and-pettish-world-to-be-grateful-and-fighting-for-life slap for each one of us.😊

  The first life slap of this kind for me, however, was when I was a High School student. My mum had spent lots of money and time to make the really trendy and flamboyant skirt  I wanted but, when it was ready, I refused to wear it. My strict adolescent eyes insisted on seeing my buttocks too fat in that skirt.

   After days of talking and talking my mum came to a point of no more patience and resilience towards me. She raised her voice abruptly, looked at me straight in the eyes and yelled at me: “Listen to me, darling, there are people around this world with no arms or hands at all and you ‘ve been complaining of your imaginary fatty ass! ” … 😮😯😕


2 thoughts on ““No arms, no legs, no worries” : THE lifetime lesson! 💖

  1. An awesome video. It reminds me of my trip to India several years back. There was a guy there I would see frequently whenever I passed a particular corner area. He didn’t have any legs. His body sat on a small square platform with wheels which he pushed around on the ground. I was intrigued with him because I never saw him when he was not laughing and apparently having a great time. I thought he must be faking it, and I got to where I would slink back in the car when I passed him so he could not see me. It didn’t work. I never did manage to catch him not laughing and joking around. What can explain it except just gratitude to simply be alive.

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  2. What can I say??? Perhaps people who lack sth in physical efficiency have the “eyes” to see the world from another perspective and enjoy it in blessing.
    The essential thing for each one of us, though, is to be able to “see” the plain gift of life as earlier as we can so as to be merry and light. To me life is a real gift. We should be happy just for breathing. It is so simple and we tend to forget it and, thus, make it complicated.


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