Daydreams… ☺

FB_IMG_1425923511169How profoundly wise a quote!   Cause, when we are loyal to our daydreams, they come true sooner or later, whatever way.

At least, this is what has been happening to me, especially the last years.

“Oh, what a fool you are!” “Goodness mine, that’s impossible!” “How could you ever believe such a thing happening” and so on. I’ve listened to all the above -and heaps more- times and times in my life. But I’ve been a non-regretful dreamer (thanks God I have 😃 …haha).

At first this was happening unconsciously due to my dreamy nature. Later and lately, clearly consciously due to the nature of my utterly altered mindset. And most of all, due to the tangible proofs of the accomplishment of the daydreams themselves.

Is it “magic”? Is it all nothing more than a mere coincidence? Who knows? Why should we care anyway?

Daydreaming keeps us alive when, sometimes,  everything around shades!

Daydreaming boosts us to attempt the “impossible”  when it seems the only solution!

Daydreaming shifts us to the real world of our souls when the real world we live in has conveyed us far beyond!

Daydreaming is expansion! 🌞

Daydreaming is freedom! 🌞

Daydreaming is creation! 🌞


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