No judgement. … just compassion☺!


Not an easy “job” I’d say… 😄 haha

   It just needs practice and, most of all, an open 💓 heart!

    When we manage to get into the core of our own selves and become able -at laaaast!!!-  to forgive ourselves, then

   Then our mindset changes, our whole being changes and “see” everything from an-other perspective! 😀

   When we get to a point to understand the under-lying of our behaviour and response/reaction  in different situations….

   When we patiently and understandingly  watch our selves, like a mother watches over her child, then

   Τhen we become able to comprehend the roots 😉of actions and re-actions in deeper levels in us and every human, of course…

   Then we become able to be more human-like 😍 and not machine-like 😔: with sentiments and compassion and not with logistics only!

   When…. Then


You make me a merrier🌞 merryfairy, when I hear from you...

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