Rituals to merilly 🔅begin your day with!

   A ritual “is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, performed in a sequestered place, and performed according to set sequence.” (Wikipedia)

   I’ve followed rituals in my everyday  life lots of times. To me a ritual is not necessarily connected to a religion, as we usually have in mind. Most of them are done without even thinking of them.

    A ritual can  be just the way we set our table every day or the way we bathe ourselves.  We put the plates, the cutlery and the napkins in specific positions on the table or on a tray to have a meal. We take the towels next to the tub, take a specific sponge,  pour some shower gel on it and start cleaning our left arm first, then the right one continuing with the rest of the body.

   There are some other rituals though,  that we choose to perform in order to improve our living and  feel good.  For instance,  I always light a candle to my guardian angel every day. I also escape reality for a while by meditating or visualising.

i-get-out-of-bed-then   So I was quite happy 🌝 to read about some rituals to help us start our day. They’re all yours to apply to your morning routine!

  Have excellent mornings (and days, of course), life travellers!!! 🔆🔆🔆



3 thoughts on “Rituals to merilly 🔅begin your day with!

  1. I added a ritual to my daily meditation recently and that is to sit in meditation and smile :), I guess that sounds stupid but I think I am seeing some change within me :), nice thoughts !!!

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  2. Nice tip Prasna! I’ll do it, too. Now I remember sth: researchers have found that the formation of the smile on the face gives the stimulus to the brain to get programmed for positive feelings!

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