Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude!

I have always been grateful in my life.😍 It has been a trait of mine even  at those years when I had not found out the spirituality of my human nature. Instinctively I was grateful for just sitting on the edge of a cliff feeling the sea under me, for instance. I was grateful even when disappointing situations came over me, although I used to feel sorrow for a very long time afterwards.


In the years that succeeded I started the mostly amazing  internal journey to my psyche core. It was then I noticed that, whenever I consciously felt gratitude about whatever, something totally good was waiting for me at the very next corner. Thus I  realised its magic power,🎇 but I couldn’t prove it scientifically – to tell the truth, I didn’t mind for proofs at all.

So I was happy to run into a relevant article today. 🌞I’m sharing it with you in everlasting gratitude!


4 thoughts on “Gratitude! Gratitude! Gratitude!

    • Thank you, thank you, once again my dear Thelondonflowerlover!
      It’s because I have come through these or similar situations in my life, I have -uselessly, I can confess it NOW…haha- tormented myself and have come to a point to view things ifrom a more clear and simple perspective!
      (Of course, it was not useless in fact, as I have acquired life lessons, but, dear God, Buddha or whatever, should the whole procedure be so tough and long??? hahaha)


      • your honesty is so so so beautiful. Do you tell your readers this….It just makes you so much more real….but actually its nice finding it out like this….yeah you dont have to sell it…just be your wonderful fairy self….thank you again MerryFairy you are beautifully an expression of universal law…..gratitude for the long time it took hunX

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You make me a merrier🌞 merryfairy, when I hear from you...

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