Ups ⬆and downs ⬇…

imagesThere are some days in our lives everything seems bright and beautiful. We feel like we have the widest wings  to everything and everywhere. In fact we don’t even think of having them; we just fly!

From the very moment we open our eyes, we feel just right.

We recall the past night dream and automatically our lips take the shape of a smile. We walk to the bathroom and our limbs feel like dancing.

QUEEN 1We look ourselves in the mirror – no creams, no makeup, not even any fresh and cooling water yet-  and … “oh my god!  I’m marvellous!”

We stand in front of the open wardrobe and  find ourselves so lucky  to own such a trendy and, mostly,  full wardrobe.

Whether we have a complete breakfast or just sip our coffee  hastily  while getting ready, we enormously enjoy it.

In a few words, we rush out to day life filled with confidence, ready to conquer the whole world.

Why does this happen? Is it just  because of a  nice dream we had?



And why is it that some other days we don’t even want to open our eyes?

We can’t remember of any damn dream or, even if we do , it is the gloomiest ever.

We drag our heavy feet all over the house until we finally enter  the kitchen to make that cup of coffee, cursing 😠there is no ‘Peter’ butler (“Peter! Coffee please”) around to prepare it for us. Don’t even mention any full breakfast!  So tiring a procedure!

15808676-smiley-emoticons-face-vector-shocking-expressionIn the bathroom? Hysteria!!! “What are these  lines on my forehead?” “Dark circles under my eyes!” “Oh, my God, how fat my buttocks look!”

In front of the wardrobe?… The biggest torture ever!!! There aren’ t enough pieces of clothes in it, nothing matches to nothing in there and  …oops!… “it is since when that I can’t fit in my favourite jeans???”

We’d rather hide in a dark cave so that no one can see us, no one can disturb our for-no-reason grief. Don’t even think of having any duties around – pfff.. what a burden!!!

88789_dc8d44ea79e4ffce5b2f5b9c0ccccdfaWhat is it all about?

Is this happening because of a vaguely or not-at-all-remembered dream?

Can somebody or something make us feel as we felt the other merry and airy day?

Is there any special switch to our emotions???


Yes!  This is what we all desire! This magic, on-the-spot handling, switch!

But the question is:

Who can move it to  the  “on”  in our case the “jolly”  position?

Who? …. 😉😉😉

You make me a merrier🌞 merryfairy, when I hear from you...

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