Letting go….

How much more easily ☀our lives would flow if we could just let go…!

We have the tendency to define ourselves out of  relationships💑, professions and occupations, origins, styling modes and so on. We are Tony’s wife, Jonh’s girlfriend, Paul’s daughter… We are shopkeepers, doctors, house wives, Greek, urbans, casual, bohemian, chic and so on.

Temporary labels that  may have the feeling of a burden😓 on ourselves.

Labels that in some cases may not serve or express 😐 us anymore.

Simply because we don’t want to be Tony’s alienated wife any more. We don’t want to be shopkeepers   drowned in debts . We  are fed up with the city traffic and the 40 sqm flat we live in. We miss the time when we would disengage ourselves from any fashion  order and go to a bar to have a drink in our favourite training suit.

What if we could -and finally would-  let go of whatever does not serve our personal development anymore?

What if we had the guts to step beyond our comfort zones to find the real us?

What if we were nuts enough to follow our hearts desires?

What we might be then?


Let go!

Let go of shuttered,  used-to-be-romantic,  relationships  that have turned into energy vampires…!

Let go of faded friendships that have lost their vivid colours of trust and frolic…

Let go of jobs that stifle our creativity and make us feel less…

Let go of cities, towns and houses that alienate us from our real nature…

Let go of this beloved souvenir which reminds us of a journey and is lying smashed into pieces in front of our feet… of this unique piece of clothes we  immediately fell in love with and cost us a little fortune to have, which no longer fits us…

Let’s leave free space for the new to emerge…

Let’s welcome  what  we might be…😊


5 thoughts on “Letting go….

  1. mentalbreakinprogress says:

    Hi! Found your wonderful post through gentlekindness 🙂 Recently I let go of my fears regarding my work life…I put my fears aside and went after a job I really really wanted….I almost didn’t apply because my confidence was at an all time low….but I decided it’s time to stop with that….time to make a change! Happy to say I start my dream job on Monday! 😀 Thank you for encouraging others to let go….it’s sooooo liberating! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, this is soooo good news! I wish you the best in your new job and always in your life! 🌞
    It’s so liberating, indeed, to let go when we have the guts to achieve it in the end – it’s not so easy😥, we have to admit!

    Liked by 1 person

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